Hire an OnDemand Technical Recruiter

As the job market continues to change, your company needs to be ready to change with it. 

Recruiter.com has all of the technical contract recruiting solutions you’ll need to elevate your hiring process.

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Industry Leaders Trust Recruiter.com

Companies ranging from startups to enterprises use our contract recruiters to easily scale their teams. Whether it’s one or thirty recruiters, for the short or long-term, we have you covered.

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Agile Recruiting for Top Technical Talent

While larger companies might need two to four weeks to send you recruiters, we can deliver them to you in two to four days. 

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, we can quickly match you with the right team of technical recruiters for roles like data scientists, product managers, or full-stack engineers to fill in the gaps on your recruiting team. 

Agile Recruiting for Top Technical Talent

Increase Team Bandwidth

If you're struggling with not having enough candidates in your pipeline or not enough recruiters to manage them, we can help. 

Recruiting ultimately comes down to people, and we have a great team of recruiters that can take the strain off of your internal recruiting team. 

Increase Team Bandwidth

Work with Fully-Vetted Recruiting Experts

Along with a new perspective, our technical recruiters also bring their experience and personal networks to each new assignment. 

These recruiters know what does and doesn’t work, and they can leverage their experience to quickly find the candidates that you need. 

Work with Fully-Vetted Recruiting Experts

Hire Top Technical Talent in 4 Steps

Whether you’re hiring full-stack engineers, designers, AI engineers, product managers, or engineering leaders, our contract recruiters make the process easier for you.

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    Call with Shortlisted Recruiter
  • Technical recruiter starts within a week
    Technical Recruiter Starts that Week

Recruiter.com augmented our team with between 10-18 OnDemand recruiters over the course of our 3 months partnering. Together, the team made 140 placements. It was a positive experience and we continue to partner with Recruiter.com today.

We used Recruiter.com’s OnDemand recruiters along with their AI software. As a result, we hired over 100 people in 90 days. Using Recruiter.com allowed us to hire talent faster, at a lower cost.

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  • Can your contract recruiters support my specific technical recruiting needs?

    Absolutely. During the onboarding call, you will share the specific tech stack, languages, and industry experience you need to support and we will allocate recruiters with experience and candidate networks that match the position you’re trying to fill.

  • What types of recruiting resources can you provide?

    We can provide a range of contract recruiting experts based on your needs. That includes sourcers, recruiting managers, technical recruiters, midlevel and junior recruiters, managers, and coordinators.

  • Is there a limit to the number of recruiters a client can hire?

    No, our solutions are flexible, and you can scale them up or down when needed. You can hire one or fifty recruiters to help you hire for any number of job positions.

  • How do you vet your contract recruiters?

    Due to our years of experience in the recruiting industry, we have a refined recruiter vetting process. This process ensures we deliver outstanding recruiting resources to our clients. This vetting process includes several rounds of interviews, client references, and analysis of the recruiters’ experience and results.

  • Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

    No, our recruiting solutions are great because we offer monthly contracts. This allows your company the flexibility to scale your hiring up or down according to your needs. However, we do offer long-term agreements if you need committed recruiters at a flexible price.

  • Can you support our global technical hiring needs?

    Yes, we help our clients hire talent anywhere in the world. We can be flexible with your hiring needs, whether you need a U.S.-based recruiter who is familiar with global industries or local recruiters that understand the market. We can also provide local recruiters that understand the market.

  • We have a tight budget, can you find us resources that align with it?

    One of the best things about our recruiting model is that we can be flexible with your budget. We can also identify local and global resources that fit your budget. Contact us today to see what recruiting solutions we can customize according to your budget!