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Employers small and large use our recruiting software to identify great employees and shave weeks off the recruiting process.

Tap into the power of's powerful recruiting software to proactively outreach to qualified applications.
  • Receive qualified and interested talent automatically.
  • Spend more time collaborating with your team and less time on the hiring process.
  • A total recruiting solution with bundled software + talent screening services.


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We were blown away with the combination of quality and speed. This was a very hard VP search and their technology and services made it easy. The candidates they found were phenomenal, and the one we hired is already making huge contributions. solves the hardest problem when looking for new employees, sourcing great candidates that are usually working somewhere else, without the crazy costs of a full-service HR or staffing agency.

Leading companies trust our recruiting solutions to connect with talent, convert profiles into job applicants and increase their flow of talent.

Recruiting Technology - Hiring Software Plus Screening talent acquisition software is built from the ground up to help employers secure better candidates and lessen the manual outreach of the recruiting and hiring process. Scale your recruitment efforts with automated email reach outs to targeted candidates, campaigning your message to qualified potential job seekers. The recruiting software system indexes over 150 million profiles and uses resume parsing and sophisticated matching. Powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence make it easy for managers and recruiters to find and engage the perfect candidate quickly.
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  • Get matched candidates in your inbox. Receive qualified and curated candidates via email or your preferred recruiting software
  • Expand your talent pool. Uncover candidate information and pinpoint the right candidate
  • Source from over 150 million talent profiles. Don't bother spending hours sifting through candidates on LinkedIn, social media platforms and other job sites
  • Hire great talent. Target high-quality groups of well-qualified, employed talent that are not typically available on job boards.
  • Accurate candidate data. Get the right contact info the first time - highly accurate profile information that is regularly rescanned and validated.
  • Personal recruiting outreach. Send email campaigns directly from your email with sophisticated testing capabilities for the best recruiting results
  • Accelerate your hiring process. Spend less time waiting on job postings by proactively sending email outreach to potential applications.
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Effective Talent Acquisition - Recruiting Solutions for your Entire Process

We provide detailed profiles on every candidate in our database -- 150 million talent profiles strong. Our intelligent, automated matching processes make it easier for you to find passive candidates who aren't already applying for jobs at your company. This is especially valuable when you're looking for hard-to-find talent that doesn't necessarily want to be found by recruiters advertising open positions on job boards.
Use our recruitment software solution to:
  • Find awesome candidates - top talent for your job openings
  • Target passive candidates - find talent that won't typically apply to job postings
  • Augment your talent acquisition team - increase your hiring efficiency
  • Add sourcing to your current recruiting tools - integrate with your applicant tracking system
  • Relieve administrative burden - helps in house recruiters source
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Our Clients - Success with Startups to the Fortune 100

We deliver great hires for growing companies of all sizes. works with startups to the largest companies of the Fortune 100, supplementing their talent acquisition efforts and finding new hires for open positions more rapidly than traditional staffing agencies or job posting. Identify the right candidates, improve your hiring processes, and hire the best with our world-class hiring platform.
One platform saves time with complex recruiting challenges:
  • High volume hiring - augment your hiring process for repeat roles
  • Niche hiring, such as software engineers - identify top talent for hard to fill roles
  • Opening new offices - resource candidates for new locations with posting to multiple jobs
  • International locations - find talent for unfamiliar locations and resource with OnDemand recruiters
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Recruiting Software - FAQs

When will I start to see warm candidates?

Typically, our clients will start to receive "warm" or interested candidates within a week of launch. Candidate communications tend to receive the highest response after multiple touchpoints, so candidate flow becomes steady after a couple of weeks. 

What does onboarding look like?

Week 1: Client intake for requirements analysis, messaging crafted, an addressable market identified, and test email sequence sent.

Week 2: Calibration of the recruitment campaign and widespread candidate outreach.

Ongoing: Continued improvements and recalibrations. Client receives metrics weekly.

What do the recruiting email communications look like?

During a demo, we would be glad to show you a few samples of best practices and examples in candidate outreach.

Generally speaking, we recommend engaging candidates with a 3-5 email sequence. The subject headers and calls to action can be A/B tested to optimize results.

We partner with your marketing team, recruitment marketing agency, or internal talent acquisition team on content, upon your direction.

What is the response percentage to recruiting email communications?

Response rate varies greatly based on the opportunity and the mandates around the job opportunity. For example, skill requirements, location, and salary bands are all relevant variables. Generally, we see open rates of approximately 40% for engaged and high-skill positions, but results vary.

How long do clients typically subscribe?

Our talent subscriptions are designed to flex with your hiring needs, without long-term commitments. You may require a 2-3 month subscription to fill multiple niche positions or use us on an ongoing basis for your repeat roles. Start, stop, or pause your subscription OnDemand, according to your unique needs.

What is recruiting automation?

Recruiting automation technology automates the manual, repetitive tasks that are part of the recruiting process.'s technology focuses on candidate sourcing. Our technology adds automation and intelligence, significantly improving the speed and success of recruiters and hiring managers in identifying, evaluating, and engaging candidates.

What are the benefits of AI?

Just like Netflix movie recommendations or a Spotify Discover Weekly playlist,'s AI uses sophisticated data models to do the heavy lifting, when identifying the best passive and active candidates for a search, and pairs it with powerful engagement tools to convert the candidates into active candidates. It leads to a more successful recruiting process, increases in productivity, and a framework to improve recruiting performance over time.

Where does the candidate data come from?

Our data comes from dozens of sources across the open web, aggregated through proprietary technology. The database includes candidate work history, skills, contact info, social links, and hundreds of other data points. A separate company database allows us to aggregate relevant company information that feeds our models when determining candidate relevance scores. The data is validated and kept up-to-date through monthly updates, as well as when candidates appear in real-time results.

Do you integrate with my ATS?

Yes, the platform has integrations in place with many ATS platforms. Data flows bi-directionally, which means that we’ll import your ATS data into (only using it in your account), clean the data (around 75% of ATS data is out of date), and run it through our models so that searching your existing candidates actually becomes easy and useful. We’ll also push any data generated in (emailed candidates, positive replies, etc) back into your ATS for scheduling and interview management. can also support custom integration if required by the client.


Built to help hiring teams

Start Recruiting Fast
Get your recruiting campaign up and running fast, with our professional team of customer success managers. Access our massive network of talent profiles to start building pipeline immediately. Almost like employee referrals, get "hand-raising" candidates in your inbox.
Optimize your Talent Acquisition
We stay in touch with you throughout the recruiting process, helping you improve and expedite your recruiting efforts. Test email campaigns and receive input on recruiting best practices to further your chance of success.
Candidate Delivery
Our customer success team sends you candidates directly to your email inbox or your preferred recruiting software, HR software, or applicant tracking system. Select your software and hiring process of choice - then sit back and receive qualified candidates.
Flexible Recruiting
Do your recruiting needs change dramatically month by month? Purchase our recruiting software with a simple software subscription with no long-term commitments. Scale up or scale down according to your exact recruiting needs.
Software Price
Our hiring software platform subscription is set on a per job search basis, to help you scale your recruiting efforts on the positions for which you need most help. Help drive identified and matched candidates for your hard-to-fill roles or focus on high-volume / high-turnover roles that need a consistently high volume of applicants.
Recruit the Right Talent
No matter your specific industry, finding the best talent will separate you from your competitors and transform your business. Our recruiting software identifies potential talent profiles - applicants that may not be actively looking for a job. Especially for niche talent requirements, this can be exactly the kind of candidates you need.
Applicant Tracking System ATS Integration
We integrate with numerous popular applicant tracking systems, hr tech, and recruitment software vendors. We will match your hiring processes and send candidates directly to your system of choice, including Greenhouse software, Lever, iCIMS and others. No HR Software? We will send the best talent directly to your inbox.
Save Time and Money
Every company has limited resources, and the cost of managers doing manual outreach to passive candidates can be prohibitive. With the time your hiring managers spend on recruiting plus the high cost of multiple recruiting tools and HR software, recruiting must be done strategically. Recruit like an expert with cloud-based recruiting software from
Recruit Faster with Software
Need more candidates? We do the work for you, automatically campaigning to people who've shown interest in your company so you'll have highly qualified leads ready when opportunities become available. No need to wait -- we get them for you now!
Learn how you can recruit in-demand talent faster, saving hiring managers time and reducing recruiting costs with the power of flexible, OnDemand recruiting software and talent acquisition services from Take the first step and book a few minutes for a demo.

Recruiting Software Resources

Recruiter Today is our daily publication about recruiting and hiring best practices. Learn how to recruit great hires and transform your recruiting into a modern, strategic department. Learn about recruiting software and how to evaluate new systems with the following resources. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for great tips, case studies, and more!

How to Select the Best Recruiting System for Your Company

How to Select the Best Recruiting System for Your Company

How would you like to be able to hire the best candidates for your company?

Finding the perfect sourcing and candidate relationship management practice can seem difficult at first, but with the right recruiting software, it becomes easy. By using a comprehensive recruitment system, recruiters can eliminate duplicate data entry and siloed information trapped in email threads. It also allows them to streamline the entire process into one easy-to-use candidate management system. Hiring managers will have access to valuable insights that help them make better decisions about whom they should hire next!

The right recruiting software can help recruiters streamline the entire recruitment process into one easy-to-use system. By using a comprehensive recruitment system, recruiters can eliminate duplicate data entry, multiple-file management platforms, and siloed information trapped in email threads. 


Boosting Diversity Recruiting Efforts with Technology

Tips to Help Diversity Recruiting

Diversity has become an urgent topic of discussion over the last few years, thanks to social movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Naturally, this is an issue that extends to the workplace. We spend so much of our lives at work — and our ability to live comfortably is tied directly to the paychecks we receive from our employers. There’s an obvious need to ensure that everyone is getting the same opportunities, regardless of background...

Questions to Ask Recruiting Software Vendors

Six Questions to Ask Recruiting Technology Vendors

Selecting the best recruiting software for your company seems complex and is something that doesn’t happen very often. Additionally, recruiting software can be expensive, difficult to implement, and (most egregiously) force a high learning curve on already time-strapped recruiters. When you do have the chance to change up your technology, it’s important to do it right.

It is easy to have your selection process mired in detail and minor features. To explore recruiting software selection a little deeper, here are six questions to ask recruiting software vendors.

The Business Case for Recruiting Technology

The Business Case for Recruiting Technology

Recruitment and talent management technology is a huge growth industry and with good reason. The average cost of recruiting a new employee is $4,000-$6,000 per hire. This number can jump up to as high as $10,000 per hire in some cases. With such staggering numbers like this it’s no wonder that the market for hiring has evolved so quickly over the past decade or more; from traditional methods like newspaper ads to now include social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook where people go looking for jobs themselves. We will explore how these new advances have changed the way we recruit employees by examining three different case studies on what works best - human sourcing, automated sourcing (bots), and the best of both worlds.

Questions You Should Ask When Selecting Recruiting Technology

Questions You Should Ask When Selecting Recruiting Technology for Your Staffing Firm

The recruiting industry has been changing a lot in the last few years. As staffing firms have become more competitive, technologies like social media and data analytics have taken on ever-growing importance. The right technology can help you find top talent faster and more efficiently than your competition, but it's not an easy decision to make. Recruiter asked five experts for their thoughts on what questions you should ask when selecting recruiting technology for your company.

What are some of the most important considerations? What do they look at first? How do they know if a new tool is going to fit with their business model or if it will be too expensive?

Top Questions about Applicant Tracking Systems

Your Top 7 Questions About Applicant Tracking Systems, Answered

Applicant tracking systems govern the application process for most of major employers in the US. Understand the importance of ATS systems through the lens of a job seeker with this article on how candidates view ATS and how to "get around" them.

Candidate Experience Considerations for Recruiting Software

How to Scare Off Candidates With Recruiting Technology

Recruiters are getting mixed messages from job seekers. A 2016 Jobvite survey found that 74 percent of employees are open to new jobs. However, the 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report from LinkedIn found that 46 percent of recruiters are having trouble finding candidates.

If so many people are willing to think about new employment opportunities, why can’t recruiters seem to reach them?

Performance Management Software

10 Great Performance Management Software

If you are looking for talent management and performance management software to complement your human resources management system (versus talent acquisition software), here is a good place to start. Workforce management software helps you gather feedback, set goals, and manage performance, and most recruiting software can share data with such systems via the HRIS. Ideally, one of the HR tasks is to identify performance management issues, pinpoint the skills gaps and subsequently create new job openings as part of an overall talent development plan.

Why do I Need Recruiting Software?

5 Reasons You Need Talent Acquisition Software

These days you need software for everything. From accounting to document sharing, there is a solution for every small gap in your business operations. But, you may be wondering whether you actually need to invest in recruiting and hiring software or not. So, if you can’t seem to decide, get five reasons to say yes.

Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

The Beginner's Guide to Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment used to be a fairly transactional process. A recruiter would receive an open job from a manager, find a candidate who met the requirements and submit the candidate back. The end.

These days, that transactional approach is a surefire way to repel top talent. Instead, many recruiters are adopting a new set of strategies and practices collectively referred to as “recruitment marketing.” 

Improving Candidate Experience

Why Candidate Experience is Critical to the Success of your Hiring Process

Throughout the interview and hire process, job applicants have choices - new job offers come up as well. Providing a good hiring experience is critical to maintaining candidate engagement throughout the process, especially with high-demand talent. TA teams should identify candidate experience issues, and build in workflows into their software and process that ensure positive experiences. 

Other Sourcing Methods: Employee Referrals

Insights on Employee Referrals

Employee referral development is a great way to develop high-quality candidate flow from your current employees. Learn about employee referrals with insights from an employee referral program benchmark report.

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Recruit the Right Talent

At, our vision is to build recruiting technology that connects people and creates better work experiences for everyone. Talent acquisition is a people business, and we keep the human element in everything we make. We empower organizations of all sizes to recruit talent faster using’s AI sourcing and campaigning software, virtual teams of OnDemand recruiting experts, and recruitment marketing experience. is a work-from-anywhere business, with employees in most major cities. We are headquartered in New York City. was founded in 2015 and is listed on the Nasdaq (RCRT).