Expand Your Candidate Pipeline

Our OnDemand sourcing solutions can streamline your hiring process and engage warm candidates in days instead of weeks.

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Expand Your Candidate Pipeline

Employers Who Trust Our OnDemand Sourcing

We help employers of all sizes find top talent faster with our OnDemand sourcing.

Data-Driven Results

Data is at the center of our OnDemand sourcing efforts. We use thousands of sourcing programs to source warm candidates for each role, regardless of what industry.

Our approach will help you understand how candidates respond to job openings and based on that data, our team will also send you insights that you can use to improve your recruiting process.

Reliable Pipeline of Candidates

Our access to a suite of the latest sourcing technology will find you a reliable pipeline of warm candidates.  

Whether you're planning to hire one or twenty candidates, our agile sourcing solutions can deliver candidates without headhunter fees.

Faster Hiring Process

Sourcing can take up about one-third of a recruiter’s work week, but with our OnDemand sourcing solutions, we can speed up your overall recruiting process.

Let us manage the sourcing so you can focus on the most important aspect of recruiting: connecting with candidates.

Source Top Candidates in Just 4 Simple Steps

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  • Intake call
    Intake Call With a Program Lead
  • Sourcing
    We Start Sourcing
  • Select and review candidates
    You Review and Select Candidates

We were blown away with the combination of quality and speed. This was a very hard VP search and the candidates they found were phenomenal. The candidate we hired is already making huge contributions.

Recruiter.com solves the hardest problem when looking for new employees, sourcing great candidates that are usually working somewhere else, without the costs of a full-service HR or staffing agency.

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Our flexible OnDemand solutions are here to help you find candidates quickly.

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  • What is OnDemand Sourcing?

    Our OnDemand sourcing solutions provide warm candidates who are interested in the client’s open job position. These candidates are ready to interview with your team, and we can integrate them into your applicant tracking system (ATS) or spreadsheet. We can also make an introduction over email and import them into your internal recruiting process. We also offer optional screening services to ensure the candidate is a good match before handing them over to your team.

  • What types of jobs does this service support?

    We can source for almost any job opening you might have. We have supported clients looking to fill corporate, clinical healthcare, manufacturing, sales, marketing, executives, financial, or retail roles. If you’re unsure if we can source candidates for your positions, ask us.

  • How quickly can I start seeing candidates?

    On average, it can take around seven to ten business days for us to start generating a flow of warm candidates. This will vary for each company because there are many factors that affect the speed, like testing our messaging, our approaches, and making any calibrations based on the client’s feedback.

  • Do I have to pay a fee if I hire someone?

    Nope! We have flexible pricing models, and we do not charge a backend percentage of the base salary fee when you hire someone. Our pricing aligns with the number of candidates you want to source or the number of searches you need.

  • Where does your candidate data come from?

    Our data comes from a variety of sources, including internal and external databases. Each industry and role has its own database, so we’ll use the database that will deliver the best candidates.

  • Is there a long-term commitment to using the service?

    Nope! We offer monthly pricing options to give you the most flexibility. However, we do offer long-term commitments at a discounted price. You can always start out with a shorter contract and if you like it, we can switch you to a long-term commitment to save you money! Contact us today to find a solution that fits within your budget!