About Our Vetted Recruiters

Recruiter.com's vetted recruiter community is made up of industry professionals who can find top talent for you.

How We Vet

Before we send our recruiters over to you, we ensure they're qualified through our multi-step vetting process.

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    Intake Call With Client

    First, we start by understanding what your needs are. We learn about your company culture, industry, and what soft skills you might be looking for in a recruiter.

    Intake Call With Client
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    Review Resumes and Shortlist Recruiters

    Once we understand your needs, our resourcing team will shortlist possible recruiters who would be a good match and then talk to these recruiters and review their resumes.

    After they have thoroughly vetted these recruiters and are confident they'd be a good match, they pass them to our program team.

    Review Resumes and Shortlist Recruiters
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    Our Program Team Reviews the Candidates

    From there, our program team will also review the notes and resumes on the shortlist of recruiters.

    They will double-check qualifications such as the candidate's, location, time zone, previous experience, and cultural fit against the client.

    This team also holds interviews with these recruiters just to ensure they are qualified.

    Our Program Team Reviews the Candidates
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    Submit Recruiters to Clients

    The program team schedules a call with the client to introduce the chosen recruiting professionals.

    We'll coordinate a start date and then help onboard the recruiter so they can start hiring for you.

    Submit Recruiters to Clients

Meet Our Recruiter Community

Our trusted recruiter community represents almost every industry, and we are confident that they match the qualifications you're looking for.

  • Hill - Recruiter OnDemand
    Katheryn Hill
    Sr Technical

    Focused on full-stack engineers and data scientists for enterprises like Omnicom and Sightline Payments. 

  • Sonja Waller - Recruiter OnDemand
    Sonja Waller
    Corporate Roles

    Successful across a wide variety of roles from industrial, international, and corporate roles. 

  • Sarah Carr - Recruiter OnDemand
    Sarah Carr

    Over 10 years experience across all corporate roles at large enterprises through high growth startups.

  • Tremaine Germany - Recruiter OnDemand
    Tremaine Germany
    High Volume

    Primarily focused on scaling high volume, high turnover roles across the United States. 

  • Tom Pierce - Recruiter OnDemand
    Tom Pierce
    Senior Sales Recruiter

    Years of experience identifying top talent and recruiting for sales positions.

  • Dee Caporicci - Recruiter OnDemand
    Dee Caporicci
    Technical Recruiter

    Recruits for technical roles and worked in our network for 2+ years.

  • Lara Proffit - Recruiter OnDemand
    Lara Proffit
    Team Lead

    Over 18 years of recruiting experience and has recruited for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Troy Creamer - Recruiter OnDemand
    Troy Creamer
    Technical Recruiter

    10+ years of high-level recruiting experience in full-cycle and agency environments.

What Our Recruiters Say

  • Susan Pennington,
    Generalist Recruiter

    I love challenges and variety in my day. Every assignment is different and I enjoy the interactions with a wide array of people at all levels. Every position is different and offers its own challenges, constantly stretching me to find creative ways to reach the right talent for each position. I am passionate about recruiting top talent, and creating effective employee branding that will help organizations achieve their goals while ensuring candidates have an incredible experience finding a career and Recruiter.com allows me to do that.

  • Joe Christopher,
    Technical Recruiter

    I enjoy working with a diverse set of companies and roles instead of the same thing every month. Recruiter.com offers a great mix of clients, I can easily wrap up a project with a Fortune 500 and then work with a startup on the next project. My Recruiter.com resourcing lead takes the time to understand my goals and interests and always pairs me with exciting and challenging projects. I’m happy to be part of their Recruiter OnDemand network.

  • Tom Pierce,
    Senior Sales Recruiter

    I enjoy the growing sensation each week of how fortunate and thus grateful I am that Recruiter.com connected me not only with a fantastic opportunity but at an organization sharing all my 'future state' philosophies specific to Culture, Operational Excellence, and Transformation as well. For their part, Recruiter.com also embraces and otherwise demonstrates mastery of the very same best and even "next" practices necessary to sustainably win in an ever-evolving marketplace. To me and countless others, this only further enhances an already compelling value proposition, one that ultimately certifies them as both an Employer of Choice for top talent and Partner of Choice for worthy enterprises.

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