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Leading employers trust our diverse set of recruiting solutions to connect with top talent. From online recruiting software and OnDemand recruiters to job posting tools and talent intelligence data, helps with all aspects of recruitment. Grab a demo of our talent plans to receive your free job post.

We were blown away with the combination of quality and speed. This was a very hard VP search and their technology and services made it easy. The candidates they found were phenomenal, and the one we hired is already making huge contributions.” solves the hardest problem when looking for new employees, sourcing great candidates that are usually working somewhere else, without the crazy costs of a full-service HR or staffing agency.

Get help hiring! Leverage the strength of's job posting site, AI talent matching software, and recruiter network to find top candidates for your company's open roles. We offer flexible recruiting solutions that scale up or down dynamically with your hiring needs.
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Your first job posting is on us!

Grab a live demo with one of our talent specialists to discuss your organization's talent needs. You'll view the AI talent software and free job posting site. Receive a free job posting credit after the call to post your job on's career communities - or you can subscribe to have the work of recruiting and job posting done for you.

Additional jobs posted with our job site will incur charges, but you will not be charged automatically.

Recruit both passive and active candidates with Job Postings and AI Software

When it comes to recruiting top talent, you need a partner that can provide the tools and resources you need to find the best candidates for your open roles. That's where comes in. Our job posting software is designed to help you reach a larger pool of active candidates, and our AI talent matching software provides recommendations for passive candidates that are a good fit for your company.

  • AI-based scoring engine. Indexing over 160 million passive candidate profiles, our artificial intelligence-powered software automatically reaches out to engage candidates.
  • Job Posting. Post a job to our career communities like traditional job boards. Receive applicants through a self-serve employer interface. Receive your first job post free by getting a live demo of our talent plans.

Get access to professional recruiters on a flexible monthly contract.

Our recruiter network gives you access to a team of experienced recruiting professionals who can help with everything from sourcing to screening candidates.

We offer flexible recruiting solutions that can be scaled up or down dynamically to meet your changing needs, so you can rest assured that you're always getting the best possible value for your recruiting budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect candidates for your open roles.

  • Monthly subscriptions. With our flexible monthly subscription, you can access project-based recruiters that will help keep your company nimble. We use simple monthly costs based on time worked - no success fees required!
  • All types of recruiters. Our cross-functional recruiting allows us to engage someone who specializes in all aspects of talent acquisition or scale-up individual functions like sourcing and screening so they are available when needed most!

Dentsu tapped into during a huge hiring sprint in 2021. The sheer number of open requisitions outweighed a reasonable req load our internal team could handle. augmented our team with between 10-18 recruiters over the course of our 3 months partnering. Together, the team made 140 placements. It was a positive experience and we continue to partner with today.

Free Job Posting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about posting your free job on

How many free job postings are included

After receiving your demo of our recruiting plans, we offer one (1) free job posting. Certain additional restrictions apply.

Who can post a free job

All employers in the USA with at least five (5) employees are eligible for the free job post promotion.

Does it normally cost money to post jobs

Yes, charges for varying levels of job postings on its job boards and career communities. We normally a fixed fee charge per job post.

What's the best career community to post jobs organizes its job postings by theme, including major industry categories, such as media, finance, and sales. Post your job to a general industry career community, or use a more niche, specific community based on your job, such as our crypto and blockchain communities.

Can you help with job descriptions

If you need help with your job posting of any kind, including help crafting an attractive job description and employer description, please ask your account executive about our MyRecruiter offering.

With MyRecruiter, employers can receive help writing job descriptions, sourcing candidates, interview follow-up and scheduling, and a variety of other tasks. Additional fees apply.

Where do job seekers go to apply to jobs

Build your career by finding your next job on View the latest job listings and connect with top employer clients on our job site. Job seekers can register their accounts and apply to jobs for free.

Please be aware of job scams and job phishing, which has become a major issue online. Do not send personal or financial information to anyone as part of your job application.

Where to post free job ad

After you receive your free job posting coupon code, you may post your job to our main jobs platform and/or a specialized career community on

What kind of jobs can I post

We reserve the right to reject any job or employer for any reason. In particular, we will attempt to actively screen out multi-level marketing schemes, phishing schemes, discriminatory job posts, or job postings that attempt to deceive job seekers in any way.

How do I advertise my job

Create an employer account on, with a user name and password. Prepare a job description, job requirements and skills, and any pre-interview screening questions. Set how you would like to receive candidates (through or a job link) and you are ready to start receiving qualified candidates.

Do you offer refunds for jobs posted

We do not typically offer refunds for job posting products, due to the variable nature of job seeker responses. However, if you are in any way unhappy, please reach out to your account executive to discuss alternatives. Free job postings have no guarantee as well, but these jobs are advertised in the same fashion as our paid jobs.

Does your job board have a resume database

No, at this time, does not offer access to a resume database like some traditional job boards. Employers and hiring managers who post jobs can view all applicants to their own jobs, but cannot search candidates within a general database.

Can recruiting agencies post jobs

Yes, accepts jobs from recruitment firms, recruiting agencies, and staffing firms. These recruiting solution providers may also take advantage of the free job posting offer, limited to one (1) per firm. 

Job Posting Resources

Job Post Laws

As a first step, ensure that your job post does not directly or indirectly discriminate against any group of people. Any type of gendered or racially-specific language should be examined especially carefully. 

Many states also have enacted expanded and revised guidance on job posting by employers. These rules include but are not limited to clearly posting expected salaries, posting a job vacancy for a certain number of days, stating minimum job requirements, and other mandates.

States vary widely in the manner in which they seek to regulate employer's activities. Ensure that you know your state's hiring policies prior to posting jobs on any job board or job posting site.

* For general information purposes. Please consult an employment lawyer for legal advice.

Best Free Job Posting Sites

Premium Job Posting Sites

There are online job posting platforms for almost any type of full-time role. Most traditional job boards charge a fixed fee per job post or a "Cost per click" recruitment advertising campaign.

Posting jobs is part of the standard recruitment process that recruiters and hiring managers use in order to find qualified candidates. Before posting a job online, learn some exclusive recruiting tips and resources to optimize your recruitment marketing, deliver an exceptional candidate experience, and reduce recruitment costs.

Types of Free Job Posting Sites
A newer development is the prevalence of free job posting sites for projects, such as UpWork or Fiverr. These are not the same resource as job boards, but they are appropriate for temporary talent resource needs. These sites tend to focus on freelance writing, web programming, and graphic design.

These job sites invite interested candidates to sign-up as part-time/freelance employees. Every site has its own recruitment and privacy policies. Different types of online job posting sites follow various project costing and business models. For instance, some freelance job sites are based on a fixed project bidding system. They also might charge based on a percentage of the total project earnings, instead of a fixed price per job post.

One can post for these types of online freelance jobs through these job sites with a valid email id. Most of these platforms accept payment for completed projects through online payment providers like Paypal, and some require escrow prior to job posting.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be used for posting free jobs online, and sharing services like Twitter can be used to distribute native career site job postings without any cost.

Attract the Best Applicants

To create a job posting template that will help you attract the best talent, start by focusing on your company's culture and what makes it unique. Next, highlight the benefits of working for your company, such as its strong ecosystem or great training programs. Finally, be sure to list the specific qualifications and requirements for the role.

Here are ten specific tips to attract the best hires with your job post:

1. Use interactive elements: Visuals, videos, and quizzes can help to make your job postings more engaging for potential candidates.

2. Use strong language: Using powerful and enticing language can help to draw in more candidates.

3. Make it personal: Add a personal touch to your job postings by addressing candidates directly and showcasing the company culture.

4. Keep it concise: Keep your job postings brief and to the point, as candidates are likely to be skimming through them rather than reading them in full.

5. Highlight the benefits: Outline the benefits that come with working for your company, such as competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, and generous employee benefits packages.

6. Use positive reviews: Share positive reviews and testimonials from current and former employees to help candidates get a better sense of what it’s like to work for your company.

7. Get creative: Be creative in how you present information in your job postings, using infographics or other visuals where possible.

8. A/B test: Try out different versions of your job postings to see which ones are most effective in terms of engagement.

9. Promote on social media: Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your job postings and reach a wider audience.

10. Use an applicant tracking system: An applicant tracking system can help to streamline the recruitment process and make it easier for candidates to apply for jobs.

Evaluating Applicants

There are four main ways to assess candidates during the hiring process: interviewing candidates, reference checks, background checks, and checking social media and other online profiles.

  • Interviewing candidates allows you to ask questions about their experience and what they're looking for in a job. Please be aware of potential biases, and ensure that your hiring managers are trained in proper recruitment and selection techniques.
  • Reference checks are a good way to get an idea of a candidate's work ethic and how they interact with others. These are typically performed during the final stages of the interview process.
  • Checking social media and professional profiles can help you see if the candidate is someone who will represent your company well online. Please be aware of candidate privacy and applicable laws in your state.
  • As a final step, background checks can reveal past criminal convictions or negative information about the candidate. Please be mindful of applicable state laws and ensure that you are using background checks in a properly compliant and consistent manner.


Much more than Job Posting


PEOPLE knows that recruiting is a long-term investment and we’ve been in the business of building relationships with employers and candidates for years. We work hard to find perfectly matched talent for your business, no matter what position you're hiring for.

POWER provides access to a world-wide pool of potential candidates, all in one place! You can find the perfect talent match without ever having to comb through social media sites. Our network of tens of thousands of independent recruiters are also available OnDemand at any time - just what you need when looking across countries or languages too.


We’re always looking for qualified candidates, which is why we offer our AI recruiting software that searches over 160 million talent profiles and creates automatic candidate campaigns. Our unique integration with popular applicant tracking systems will make it easy to update your recruitment efforts and receive job posting candidates all in one place!

Recruiting Software
Recruit talent faster with Job Postings, Recruiting Software, and OnDemand Recruiters
Need more than a job board? offers a suite of recruiting solutions designed to save time and money while reaching the right talent for your company. Whether you need flexible, OnDemand recruiters or an automated recruitment campaign that targets top passive candidates - we have everything covered! Take advantage today of our recruiting solutions by contacting our talent specialists.

About - Recruiting Solutions Platform Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:RCRT)

Recruit the Right Talent is building recruiting technology and OnDemand services that connect people and create better work experiences for everyone. We empower employers of all sizes to recruit talent faster using AI sourcing & job posting software.

We are headquartered in New York City, founded in 2015, and are listed on the Nasdaq (Nasdaq:RCRT). 


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